Let the Sick be Healed

Last Saturday was an activation day. Activation is when we pray and Ask The Lord what He wants to do with us that day. We traveled down to Parramos and we were put into groups with at least one Spanish speaker (which was MariCarmen). Then the four of us, including Anna and Sabrina, prayed and listened for the Lord’s voice.

We all saw various things but came to find out that the Lord pushed us in another direction. As we were walking, Marissa pointed to a woman and said “we need to go pray for that woman.” She was an older woman who looked like she needed help. We introduced ourselves and we started a conversation. She invited us inside and told us the story about her pain. She explained that she had been feeling a ringing in her ears for two months, and that her feet had been swollen, which made it harder for her to work and run errands. We asked if we could pray for her and she happily agreed.  We laid hands on her hands and feet and we prayed that she could be healed and comforted. When we were done praying we asked her how she felt. Immediately she pulled out her handkerchief and cried. At that moment we knew that the Lord had healed her. She breathed and sigh of relief and said “finally”. She said that the ringing had stopped and that her feet felt so much better. The Lord’s love and grace was evidently shown.

This moment has changed our perspective on healing and spiritually authority. Jesus talked about spiritual authority in Luke 8:24 when the disciples were caught in the middle of a storm. The verse says, “He got up and rebuked the wind and raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm”. The same Holy Spirit that the disciples carried with them is the same Holy Spirit that was with us when we healed the woman today. 

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