Updates from Your Kids

Here is an update from your kids.  Be blessed – we are!!!

Autumn: God is so amazing. He has touched my life in so many ways. He has given me new friends I know I can count on and trust I always have such a good time when I am with them. The work sight is awesome! It has changed so much since we arrived – I can’t believe it. We are working for a very nice man named Eric. He is a great guy but very lonely. My group is touching his life everyday we go there and I can see it is his face. Now my group is back at camp and we are sitting together and singing and laughing – having a good time! I hope my family is doing well without me for now and I hope someone is there to make my mom laugh for me. Mom, you need a good laugh every now and again. I’m telling you that you can’t miss me but I can miss you.  I miss you mom, and everyone else too!! I’m having so much fun! I will see you all soon! Love you all soooo much! Autumn p.s. I love you becca!
Elisabeth: Hey everyone. The past week has truly been incredible!!! It has been remarkable to see God work in all of our lives. We have already formed such incredible friendships, and I feel truly blessed to have met such amazing Christians. I have heard God’s voice and witnessed His power in ways that I could not have imagined. I already feel like a changed person. Mommy and Daddy, I miss you so much!!! When I get back, I have so many stories to share. So far I’ve chopped wood, washed dishes, mowed lawns, raked grass, and built a fence.  One of the things God has been telling me is to humble myself and to become a servant for him. Hopefully when I get back, you guys will enjoy the fruits of that. You would love it here. Think West Dover, Vermont only half as many buildings and mountains as big as the ones in BC. Now for the real shocker: I’m actually okay with the fact that I haven’t worked out in a week and I’ve eaten things that I haven’t eaten in years. Thank you so much for sending me!!! I love you and I miss you. PS.  Yah!!!  Did you email Reno, Zuclich, and Grene to tell them?
Carson: Hey guys! Hope everything is going well back in NC.  Things are going well here.  God is working in many ways and it is amazing.  I can’t wait to see you guys…but I still have one more week to get some work done.  I have already seen 3 moose and I also went swimming.  That’s right…I went swimming in Alaska.  Love you guys!
Jordan: Hey everyone! Alaska is amazing. It is sooooo beautiful. God is truly moving and doing some amazing things. It’s only been a week, but tons of things have happened. Miss you all and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Love Jordan.
Micah: Hey everybody! I am in love with Alaska. It’s not hot and it’s light ALL the time. Seriously… it gets dark around 12 am, and “dark” is like the sky before an intense thunderstorm. It’s really not that dark. And when does the sun rise? About 4 am. 4 hours of darkness! All the light either makes you get really tired, or not tired at all. We have experienced some really cool things, and met some awesome people. My group has been working for this man named Eric, and he is really cool. He tells us all these stories about his life and growing up in Nazi Germany, and then his life once he came to the US. We’ve been cutting down trees in his backyard, and building him a fence. He is really nice, and always feeds us lemon cookies! I’ve been having an amazing time here, and God is working through all of us to change not only Alaska, but our lives too. I can’t wait to come home and see you all and tell you more stories from my time in Alaska! See you soon!
Shane: Hey everybody!! Alaska has been so GREAT because of the weather and the people we have encountered. Just wanted to update everyone on how I was doing and that I’m having a good time so far. PEACE
Ky: God is absolutely incredible, and Alaska is obviously a sacred place. The land is so raw and beautiful; God’s handprints touch every crevice of this place. I can feel His energy radiating through me. Every time I walk outside, I breathe in and I am overcome with peace. His love is incredible, never have I felt this way— I can hear Him, and I feel Him. So many God-things have happened that it would honestly take twenty pages to encompass the way He has moved through this trip, but don’t fret I will have plenty to tell you when I get home. The people here are incredible, from the leaders to our mission contact and the staff here at Eagle Crest in Alaska! We are a big family, and I mean that in the most genuine way. I feel as if I have known them forever! We have been blessed with amazing projects and prayer walks. We have a community cook-out tonight and church (3 services actually) on Sunday. I am thrilled to see how God continues to use me and push me further into His love. This morning during devotion time I was praying (down by the sparkling river and majestic mountains!) and He spoke to me through Colossians 4:3-6 “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone” That is my prayer for you, my team, and myself! Alaska so far is absolutely incredible, but I miss you all a whole lot! Happy Birthday Kinzi! I wish I could have been there, know I thought about you. Please continue to pray everyone they have been doing some amazing things! Pray for boldness, unending compassion, and that God CONTINUES to speak to me. Thank you all for the prayers and support, know I am having the time of my life and almost don’t want to EVER leave! Ha. I love you all! Talk to you soon!
Love Always, Ky
P.S. Mama and Daddy, I miss you and love you so much, but don’t worry about me (too much, haha) I am happier than I have ever been in my life- Thanks for allowing me to follow God’s call.
BJ: Having so much fun see you soon love you.
Louis: Hey Family, I am having a great time in Alaska and I am learning a lot about the Lord in my life. So I guess that’s all. I will see you soon!!!!! J
Jason: Hey Mom and Dad and I am having a great time here at Sutton, Alaska. God is speaking to me. Just pray for protection for me. But yeah I like it here. See you soon.
Evan: Hey Mama and Pap. This here’s Bosco speaking, anyways, I’m having a real solid time here at Alaska. It’s really nice all the time; it’s always in the 60’s. As my Papa may be able to tell, I’ve totally lost all coherencies in regards to writing, but yeah. Oh, Mama, I’ll try to buy you a present, Ru, I’ll get you one too. I saw a bear in the woods the other day while I was hauling wood, it scared the crap out of me, but it was cool. We’ve also hiked up and down a mountain about 5 miles. It was solid. Well, I just want to let you guys know how much I love you and rest assured….Meat is okay. He’s not been eaten by a bear, or a moose. I also saw one of those. It was so sick. I’ve made so many new friends, like my new BFF Ky, my ninja brother Casey, the super sick Mary, and Dustin, the dude at our grocery store.  Just to reiterate, I love you guys, and I’ll be really excited to see you guys in a week or so. I have a real heart for the people here, and so does the Lord. All right, thank you for listening, and I love you guys. God bless!
Patty: Hey mommy and daddy and gaa and bunbun and zanzabar and granny and poppy and ma and pop! I am LOVING Alaska! I saw a moose! Like four of them and a baby one! It was sooo cute! Guess what else! I swam in a lake in Alaska! I went mountain climbing. It was five miles! And it was three hours long! The view from the top was totally worth it. So the Lord is working in everyone big time. It’s absolutely amazing. I am patty again too! I am me. It’s really cool. I look forward to the adventures of the days again. I am losing my accent! Daddy will make fun of me. I love everyone so much. I miss ya’ll and can’t wait to see you! I really like all of my team. They are really really cool and we are all really close. The view is amazing from the camp! It’s on a river and there is a mountain in the background. It stays daylight here like 22 hours a day. Me, Mary, John, Louis, BJ, Jason and Riley(the yellow boy) cleared a whole forest! Kinda! Its been amazing. I want to come back. I am going to Anchorage tomorrow so I will buy everyone something! I love LOVE LOVE all of you! I am safe and happy and I am in Gods hands. “I’m waiting on something beautiful…”  —Love Patty!
Marianthy: Mi Hermosa familia, Mami, Papi, Rebequita, y mi Alejito: como los extranho…. Bueno, realmente, solo un poquito ;] jijijiji. Empiezo mandandoles muchas gracias por las cartitas en el blog que me han mandado. Mami, la verdad no me acuerdo de las cosas que me has preguntado. Pero aun asi, les voy a contar un poquito de lo que ha estado pasado en mi vida. No tengo mucho tiempo ya que hay toda una fila para escribir a los padres. He muerto y resucitado en y con el amor de Dios. No soy una persona distinta ni diferente, pero he encontrado mi identidad en Cristo y Dios me ha ensenhado cuan especial soy en El. Marianthy ha salido de su “cocoon”. He llorado, he caido al piso en risa, le he gritado a todo pulmon a satanas que saliera de mi vida y he aclamado a Cristo con toda mi alma. Tengo tanto que contarles, de mi caminar espiritual y mis aventuras en Alaska. No tengo palabras para describir la perfeccion y hermosura de Dios reflejada en este estado. Las fotos que pronto veran, no pueden capturar la magnitud de las montanhas y la grandeza del sol que cae en el rio salvaje. AHHHHH! VI CUATRO MOOSES EL OTRO DIA! Rebeca, eran dos mamas con sus hijitos!!! Tambien, escalamos una montanha. 5 millas de ida, 5 millas de regreso. Y al regresar eran las 11:30 de la noche y aun seguia brillando el sol. Con el sudor y tierra tapando mi piel, brinque en el lago con un rope swing. EL AGUA ESTABA CONGELADA, pero como bien me conocen, eso no me paro. En el hike, uno de los lideres se escondio en los arboles y nos asusto haciendo los ruidos de un oso y SALI CORRIENDO JAJAJAJA. Fue chistosisisisimo. Ahhh, tantas aventuras, tantas memorias. Quisiera poder escribirles toda una novel sobre lo que ha pasado en mi vida en estos dias, pero bueno. En unos dias ya los vere. AH! Training camp fue HORRIBLEEEEE. Calor no describe el horror que causo mi miseria. No habia aire acondicionado y dormiamos bajo UN SOLO TECHO. Y no dejaba de hacer calor ni en la noche. Pero si les puedo decir que aunque ni siquiera yo me aguantaba, Dios obro en mi y saco de lo mas profundo de mi corazon las cosas que me habian pesado por tanto tiempo. Bueno, los dejo. Ya que Micah esta tocando la guitarra y estamos haciendo canciones sobre cada uno de nosotros. Por cierto! Mi equipo es incredible he hice una major amiga que se llama Kyla. La amo y es mi “soul mate”. Somos identicas, locas por Dios, y locas todo el tiempo. LOS AMO!!!! MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO! Todos mi amor y besos, Tati/ Qki/ Guer de Limon. PS: PADRE MIO, CUIDA MI CARRO. Y MAS TE VALE QUE TENGAS COMPRADO MI BOLETO A ROMA/ FRANCIA :D. (mami: le ensenhas a papa este mensaje xfis? Te amo! Gracias!).
Casey: Hello Mom,
I’m am having a good time at camp, its very awesome I feel as if I could do anything for the Lord. I miss all of you and cant wait to be at home, then turn around and leave again. But never the less I will make the best of the time I’m with you. I’ve made lots of friends Mary, Bud, Jason, Ky and so on! We have been in the community working and spreading Gods word. There is a lot of sickness and alcohol here in this town, I feel as if we have been making slow changes. Today we had a little get together with everyone in the town that wanted to come. We all sung songs and tried to be Christ like. We are going to 3 church’s Sunday. I LOVE YOU MOM!!
Love, Casey Scharrer

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