Getting Started in Alaska

On our first morning, we had our devotion by the river overlooking the monsterous mountains.  We challenged the participants to spend time praying and listening to God. 

Luke 11:9 by Marianthy Posadas

I am sitting in the most beautiful place on earth
The sun is comforting my soul and shrugging off the chills on my body
I lift my head to face the water and the grandeur of the mountains,
I can smell God walking on the river.
His love and embrace pourting of the mountain peaks, its trees and bushes.
I can hear HIs wisper in the constant splash of grey water on the perfectly placed rocks in the river.
I can taste His breath as it rocks my curls back and forth.
Lord, I fell on my knees. 
And I screamed out to you,
that I may feel your presence ever more strongly.
I cried out to you, my Daddy.
I cried out for your embrace.
That I may always be aware and no longer doubt your presence.

My father, I am sitting here and all I can feel is you.
Please, I pray, cup my face in your hand forever as you are doing now throuhg the brillance of you morning sun.
Hold my hand and brush your fingers against mine all the time, as you are doing now thorugh the violet flowers in the brush as I am walking through them.
Lord, never leave my side and never let me forget or doubt your presence.
And never let me out of your sight.
May I always be embraced by this light, and never let me escape it and drift into a darker day.

From alaska-hs.adventures.org

From alaska-hs.adventures.org

We spend the afternoon ministering to the community.  We broke the group in to 3 teams and headed out.  One team spent time with Ms. Alma cutting grass and talking about the many places she has been.  Another team worked at Eric’s house cutting brush and clearing the yard.  The last team worked in the community park weeding flower beds and making the park beautiful for the town of Suttton.  Please continue praying for our team as we are building relationships with the people of Sutton, AK and sharing the love of God.

PS.  We saw 3 moose today before 8AM!!!  One got a little close to Bevan before he noticed it was there.

From alaska-hs.adventures.org

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