Update from Team Peru!!

Our team decided to call ourselves “Agua de vida” meaning living water. We felt that it was fitting since we will be living on the Amazon River in the middle of the Peruvian jungle and because we want to grow closer to Jesus! Here is a quick update and some pictures from our time at training camp! We can’t wait to get to Peru! 

– Sami & Karla 



Hey friends it’s Emily! I just completed training camp and am now on the way to Peru. It was full of worship, food and bucket showers. We decided to name ourselves Team Agua de Vida which means Living Water. Our team really bonded and we are all super excited to spend the next three weeks together sharing God’s love and wisdom in Peru.



What is training camp? This is a question I got all the time leading up to the trip! Personally I don’t think there is ONE answer to respond to the question “what is training camp” because it can be so different for each person! For me training camp was an amazing weekend filled with worship, bonding with my teammates, and learning about God and the mission field, more than I ever could’ve thought there was to learn! It was amazing preparation for the mission field and so much fun bonding with the team that is becoming a family to me! God worked so deeply in me helping me to see and trust Him more and more! Seeing what he has done in myself and my teammates and the other teams I’m SO excited to see what will happen in the field!!



Training camp was pretty awesome. My team is pretty cool; took a bucket shower, ate some food. Jesus is pretty awesome. 



At training camp, I went from not knowing anyone on my team to talking for them for hours like old friends. We had many opportunities to work together and share our lives and faith with each other. I am so excited to continue to grow with my team in Peru and use the teamwork that we have built at camp to serve the Lord. 



Getting to know my team was great during training camp! It was hard being away from home but also fun. The Lord really put the right people in this group. My leaders are also so nice and fun! I could have never asked for better! I can’t wait to take on Peru with these beautiful people! 



God’s sovereignty and perfection in orchestrating a missions team never fails to leave me in awe. The Lord has orchestrated a team with 9 beautiful girls, each with a different and equally valuable gift. I thank God for giving me a team in which I and the rest of my team feel welcome and experience true belonging. 



Training camp reminded me a lot of church camp, although the food was way better! Getting to know my team has been so great, we’ve become such good friends in such a short time! I am excited to see everything God is going to do in Peru in me and my team!


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