team swazi::: mackenzi sandberg

the plane has lifted from the grounds of africa and memories from this month are almost painful to let dance around my thoughts. im carrying a weight of sadness as i leave the grounds upon which god is so evidently building a piece of his kingdom. and he very faithfully aloud me to be apart of it. yet as im sitting here in the middle seat of a way-too-long flight, i am back to a place of captivation by the oranges and reds and blues that peak above the dark line of clouds we are flying above. abba brought a new day but with the same remarkable color palette as he used in the skies when i began this adventure. a reminder that just as he has gone before me as i came, he is walking ahead of me as im leaving. he dyes the morning skies with color each and everyday proving his faithfulness to the things he knows we might not even take the opportunity to look upon. So how can i sit in sadness knowing i serve a god who cares infinitely more about the details in my life than the colors in the skies??? it’s weight never had to rest on my weak shoulders because i serve a god who so willingly replaces it with joy. he led me to a place that broke my heart and healed it all again and it’s almost as if he handed me a tiny, beautifully wrapped gift to give me a glimpse of the all blessings he has to share. the best is always to come.