Training Camp and 1st Day (and a half) in Monteblanco

Hola from the Monte Blanco Center in Bolivia.  Team Un-Bolivia-ble arrived here last night a short 30 hours after we left the AIM Base in Gainesville.  We arrived to Monte Blanco feeling a mixture of emotions: tired, excited, nervous, and hungry.  Luckily, we arrived in time for a wonderful and very warm welcome from the Monte Blanco Staff who have done everything possible to make us feel welcome, loved, and a part of the family here.  While we all arrived safe and sound, we were missing one piece of luggage.  Fortunately, it arrived tonight without delay.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.  We plan to start our first VBS this Friday at a local church.  Please pray that God would honor our preparations and that we would accomplish His will through these activities.

The rest of the team and the staff are outside playing volleyball, and I’d like to join them… So, farewell for now.  We’ll post more updates as often as possible.

Also, here’s what Kristen had for you (and finally I finally got posted for her here) about training camp.

You might be on Team Bolivia at Ambassador Training Camp if…

  1. The hose you’re showering with could probably double as a pressure washer. 
  2. You make it to the final round of the training camp dance-off due to an accidental dance move that involved back flips and lots of laughter.
  3. Your accent will go from New York to Alabama in one sentence cause your teammates are starting to rub off on you. From 10bo0630amb3.myadventures.org
  4. You awkwardly laugh it off then the other teams’ girls complain about the “loud girls in the tents”, a.k.a. you and the rest of Team Bolivia.
  5. You refer to your team as un-Bolivia-ble.
  6. AND, you are DEFINITELY on Team Bolivia if you opt to have your team meeting in the mud hole you crawled through army-style.

It’s been an amazing week for Team Bolivia. Each day has brought us a little closer, challenged us to grow, and been full of laughter.  We’ve spent each day being challenged on team builders, preparing our Vacation Bible School materials, and soaking up every minute.

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