Our First Almost Week

Family and Friends,

We slept on the plane, on the floor, in a free hotel (thanks American Airlines), on a bus, and after 61 hours of travel, we made it to Monte Blanco—pretty much a palace (by missions standards). We dove right into ministry by helping host a camp for 130 15-16 year-olds. We instantly became the entertainment as we lead dances and songs (especially oh-lay-lay, a favorite from training camp!) We got to bond with the students through serving at the meals, playing games and participating in an obstacle course that included rolling in the mud, yes MUD and repelling down a 20-foot cliff.  

Each day we spend a couple of hours together to have designated “team time.” We use that time to worship and pursue God together. It is amazing to watch every single person on this team look more and more like their Heavenly Father. This week we will be going to some churches and orphanages to do children’s ministry. We are looking forward to seeing what God has for us this week. Everyone is in great health, and all the parents should have received an email this weekend from your son/daughter. We will work on more emails and putting up another update next weekend.


Thanks so much for sending your teenagers, it is such a blessing for us to get to know them!

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