team swazi::: makayla babcock

All my life, I have been someone who plans extensively for the future and constantly tries to decipher what is coming next in my life. I have felt the need to be in control of what is happening next. Being on this missions trip to Eswatini, we served at CarePoints where it was neccessary to be present in every small moment and be in constant communication with Jesus as I loved on the kids there. Going to Eswatini resulted in a change of mindset in my life that has deepened my relationship with God.
I have learned to enjoy the small things, whether the joyful laughter of a child at the carepoints or unique cultural experiences. There were so many unforgettable moments that made me fall in love with Jesus all over again, such as stargazing in wonder at God’s creation, waking up in the morning to the radiant sunrises, or the beautiful songs the children at the CarePoints would sing in praise to God. There is so much fulfillment and joy to be found as we listen to God in the every day small moments that influence our lives. I have learned that life is not about me anxiously trying to figure out what is in the future but stepping out in obedience every day with Jesus. By listening to Him in the small moments, I have come to discover more about myself and things I love and enjoy. Not only have I grown in my faith as I walk hand in hand through life with Jesus, but I have also learned so
much about how life with Jesus can be an amazing adventure. I am no longer confined to the box I had put myself in- I am free to pursue whatever dreams and calling God places on my life with no fear of the future.
Being in Africa was a beautiful four weeks where through intimacy with God I discovered incredible lessons about myself and those around me. I will never forget this trip and the sweet, joyful people I have met along the way.