team swazi::: delilah froese

A letter to God

dear God
thank you so much for this time in Swaziland and thank you for these amazing people that have already became my family. Our time in swazi has been incredible and very full of your lessons, laughs and love. You have shown me love in its purest form with all the people that we have ministered to and you have shown me simplicity as a way of life. Yesterday coming home from ministry driving through the bushes the sun was going down and I saw first hand your light shine through all darkness and you lit up the sky and this truly doesn’t describe the beauty that I witnessed but you know what i’m talking about. your good news continues to shock me everyday, I am your imperfect daughter and I sin and make mistakes on the daily and I am often broken and you ALWAYS forgive, forget and fix above everything you have loved me through all of it, like how crazy is that?!?! In my time here you have provided me with amazing kiddos that I love oh so much and simple things like a hot shower!! I am so blessed by your overwhelming love, grace and kindness and Lord please show me how to love unconditionally and please break my heart for what breaks yours and thank so much for everything, I am beyond blessed by you.


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