So Far, So Great!

Hello from Manzini!

The team is loving our new, temporary home!

Yesterday we had spent the day on a Scavenger hunt through the city, which really helped us to become immersed in the culture and also to learn more about the area where we are serving and living!

We had the opportunity to try many “Swazi Sweets” including Chappies (a type of gum), Smarties (a white chocolate candy bar filled with treats), and much more! Strolling through the city center we were able to meet many people in the markets, near by parks, and local businesses. 

Our next few days, we will continue to be immersed in the culture as well as ministry, as we begin to serve at the Care Points!

Be on the lookout for Blogs coming over the next few days, sharing how our team has encountered God!


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