The Little Chicken

The Little Chicken

            I was seated on the wooden stairs leading up from the river on the farm in Peru when God spoke to me. At the time, I was reading from Proverbs 6. As I read I was distracted by the crying chirp of a little chick. The chick was all alone with a hurt leg on top of a steep hill. The mother hen was at the bottom of the hill with the other chicks leading them to food. The little chick was going berserk. He was very persistent in keeping me from my devotion. As the mother hen heard her chick she began to call back. Making her way up the hill she called back to the chick so that he could find her. The chick was so loud and afraid that he couldn’t hear the mother’s response when she gave it. As all these events unfolded before my eyes I heard God speak to me, he said, “Be still and trust that I am here for you.” In the midst of thinking my quiet time with God was ruined I learned a very valuable truth from his nature.

I have shared that story as I was called to in a couple situations throughout this trip. I thought I was done sharing it until last night. I laid in bed and had a bit of a Eureka moment. I found that this trip I have been the chicken. As I came on this trip I was constantly yelling and searching for who I am or who God created me to be. I have been through a lot of situations that have brought harm to me and those who I love. These experiences represent the chick’s broken leg. As God has brought me through Peru I have quieted down and listened to God. I have found myself safe in His arms and sound in his presence. I have seen amazing things and met amazing people because of the trust in God that I have learned on this trip. As our time at the farm came to a close I began to see the healing in my life as well as the healing in the chick’s leg.

I thank God for the experiences, blessings, and growth I have experienced so far. I just got clean clothes for the first time in 5 days and I feel pretty renewed. If you are thinking about visiting Peru please do. The food is great, the people are better, and the uncomfortable experiences are some that God can really empower you through. Thanks for reading my blog. Love y’all.

Daylan Coffey

The Farm, view from the river.

Beautiful Sunset over the amazon river

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