Sharing Hope

Yesterday, we all went to church in a village called Nueve del Octubre. The people there were so friendly and inviting; we felt so welcome. We had planned on Reese and Day sharing testimonies and James giving the sermon, but anyone who wanted to share after that was allowed to. Alysa went up and shared about peace, and while she was up there, I felt the Lord calling me to share hope.

Talking in front of people has never been something that I’m comfortable with (it just makes me plain terrified to be honest), but I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to go up front and get over myself. When Alysa was finished talking, I was planning on going up, but Kate went up to pray us out. I won’t lie, I was relieved that my chance was gone. I was so scared that I was going to go up there and freeze; however, the Lord had other plans. The pastor went up and said a few words then asked if anyone else had anything to share.

My chance was back, and I had to take it. I had already put my Bible away, but I slowly raised my hand, basically saying “I guess I do”. I told whoever was listening about the hope we have in Jesus and shared Psalm 42:5 and Isaiah 40:29-31 which talk about how those who put their hope in Jesus have their strength in Him as well. Basically, I felt that the Lord wanted someone in that room to know how greatly loved they are by Jesus and that they can have hope and peace in that fact.

No matter what we are going through, Jesus gives us hope. All we have to do is accept it. Getting in front of all those people (it wasn’t even that many, but still) was so scary, but I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to speak God’s truth. No matter how uncomfortable or scary a situation may be, it can’t hurt to obey God. Just do it, and do it so that others may see Christ in you.


By, Sarah Grace Piercy

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