Schools-Uganda vs. America

This is my first time to ever blog so it might not be the best-written piece but bear with me. We have been here a little over a week and God moved so much since we have stepped off the plane. God has really laid on my heart the schools here in Uganda. There are so many things that are different here but they are so much better than in America.

In America, education is free and everyone goes to school. Here, in Uganda, it is a privilege to go to school. School is NOT free in Uganda. Families have to pay for their children go to school, so not that many kids are able to go. The kids that do go to school take it to heart that it is a privilege and love going to school. The kids know with the knowledge they are learning and their education they can change and help Uganda! At one of the schools we went to, I was in a room and the kids started to sing me a song about how their education can help them achieve whatever they want to be! The passion they have to learn is incredible! That kind of passion is something that schools in America don’t have any more.

The children and teenagers here have so much respect for their teachers, and in America, kids don’t give the teachers the respect they deserve. The respect the children and teenagers show their teacher is amazing! They listen to every word the teacher says. They never talk back to the teacher. The list can go on and on, but in a nutshell, the respect the students give is amazing!

            The kids here in Uganda have an eagerness to learn. In America, children (even me) dread going to school. Here the kids wake up so early and have joy that they are going to school. Students in America take for granted the education they are receiving. People in America seem to forget that they can change so many lives with the education they are getting! Here the kids know they can do great things!

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            There are so many things that I have learned while in Uganda! God has really showed me how much America has missed when it comes to our education. We don’t have the respect, appreciation, or thankfulness that people here in Uganda do.

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