News Flash from the Team

This is the bomb!  I don’t want to leave.  -Herbert Norman

I love PR, but I hate not pooping. God is moving here, but not in our bodies. Please pray for PR and the team.  -XOXO, Liv

I love PR. We are having such a great time with many laughs. We are thankful that it is so pretty here.  – Suzanne

Loving PR – absolutely beautiful!  We’re all wanting to see how much more God is going to move. The women here are incredibly sweet and we’re all enjoying the time we have with them. Love you guys!  Keep praying! – Becky  

This is the best eight days of my life.  – Colt Sentell

God is incredible!  He’s so present!  Please continue praying for us!  Thank you! – Madeline S.  

PR is amazing!  I’m so happy I’m on this trip!  I miss yous so much and can’t wait to see yous!  I love yous!! – Tiana

We are having so much fun in PR!  Our team is bonding so much as we look for ways to serve the Lord everyday. Thanks for the prayers!   – Courtney Stoltzfus

We are finally in PR after a long time at training camp!  Thank you for praying for all of us. God is at work.  – Carli Bowman

We are really happy to be here and get to know all the women!  We are living way up in the mountains, so we will be spending a lot of time helping out around here. Thanks for praying for us! – Tess Dozier

I’m very excited to be in PR!  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us to do. I pray that we all listen to God and let him lead us on a crazy, wonderful adventure! – Kay Parker 

I can’t believe we are already here in PR!  This experience is flying by so fast and thank God for every second of it. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!  – Courtney H

I’m so excited to be in PR!  I can already see God working in our lives and the people around us. This experience has taught all of us so much so far and I know God will bless the rest of our trip.  – Haley Y

I’m already having so much fun these past days in PR!  Working with all the women and children has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this week! – Megan

This past week has been truly awesome and fun packed. The place we are staying treat us like royalty and we have been able to pray and help out the women and children at our local center.  – James Orth    

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