Hello everyone!

   This trip has been AMAZING! I´m a little bit sick but that´s okay.
The people here are amazing….but God used a two mile hike (uphil at an unforgiving elevation) to let me shed my expectations, personal desires, and the way that my life was before this trip. At the top of the hike was the most incredible waterfall I have ever seen! There was a pool of water at the bottom to swim in. I layed flat on my back in the water and stared up at this magnificent creation the made me feel so tiny. I litterally felt like I was laying in the arms of God. He was breathing new life into me after helping me weed out all the bad in my life. I stood and filled my water bottle with the refreshing (and slightly mossy) water from the cascada and drank it all in.I have been filled with God. I found the place that He made sacred and Holy in order to change my life.

I spent three thousand dollars to come to Nicaragua. I didn´t change anyones life, but God changed mine. I think I got a pretty good deal.

Mom and Dad:
 Don´t forget about my welcome home meal! Chicken enchaladas, salad with avacados, and I would really love if grammy could make her cole slaw and fruit jello. haha I love you and give Doodles some kisses for me!

Eastside family:
Your support and prayers made this trip possible and I can´t to show you the benefits.

Running for God!

PS. I lost my memory card for my camera that had almost 900 pictures on it so please be praying that I find it!:(