Saying goodbye is so hard and I have had many, many goodbyes over the past few days. I 

said a very emotional and teary-eyed goodbye to my team mates, some of which I may never see again on this earth, but I know that I will get to spend eternity with them in heaven. W

e said tough goodbyes to many Jamaicans who will also be in heaven one day. 

But even harder than those was the goodbyes said to the unsaved people of Jamaica. The broken, lost, and hurting. The ones who put up barriers to the gospel. The ones who we so desperately tried to reach but they refused Jesus’s gift of salvation. 


Perhaps the most important goodbye that I said was to myself. To my sin. To my selfish desires. To my apathy. To my comfort. Beacuse I cannot afford to live a life that is not completely centered and focused on Christ. I cannot live as if my “first world problems” are the end of the world. I cannot pretend that someone else will share the gospel with my friends.  i cannot continue a life of selfishness if I claim that I want to further the kingdom of God. This goodbye is the most diffucult because it is a moment by moment decision to die to self and come alive in Christ; but it is oh so worth it.



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