Full Days and Full Hearts

It is always such a good feeling to fall into bed at the end of the day knowing that you gave all of yourself in submission to the Lord. Today has undoubtedly been one of those days.

We had an early morning walk to breakfast up what can only be classified as a minor mountain, or giant hill. After stuffing our faces with the fluffiest pancakes in Guatemala, we took a super fun truck ride through the mountains to a nearby village. The chaos of children’s ministry ensued.

Some extremely servant hearted students chose to dig, and haul, pounds and pounds of mud (under the watching eye of a really adorable pig guys….really adorable). There was mud, sweat and a crazy amount of beauty as these young people poured out their hearts and their energy to create a soccer field for a local Christian School. Students serving students for the glory of the King. It was so sweet.

A children’s ministry chalked full of worship, dancing, singing, playing, laughing, shouting, running and learning came next. Really, who knows which group had the most fun: our students or the local kiddos.

Ben shared an amazing testimony and word from the Lord, and Gary translated accurately…(mas o menos).

After about 6 hours of ministry, these guys still weren’t worn out! They’ve played soccer with every spare second they’ve had. After tonight’s “family meeting” and a generous helping of hang-out time, I have no doubt that tonight will be one of those nights where sleeps is peaceful and easy.

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