Being back in America

So, being back in America…..

Of course there are many differences between the lifestyle of Jamaica and the U.S…… Like, I missed air conditioning, but I miss the church fans that I would stand in front of as much as possible! I missed my bed, but the church pew wasn’t that bad! I missed my friends, but I made 26 in the process! I can’t replace family, but I’m glad to say that I could now call those people my Jamaican Fam?? The lord really did bless me by sending me on this trip, and I couldn’t be more thankful that he did! On the trip I realized a lot of the little sins that I didn’t think were “that bad”, or that I didn’t think God cared about, but he cares about them all!!! Being back in the U.S. has showed me how I truly need to act as a Christian, and wow has it been hard. Not only has it been hard to stop my own sinning, but it’s been hard to watch my friends and family do it! Judging (in my opinion) is the easiest sin to commit, and the hardest to stop. I personally have always struggled with this problem, and probably always will!! But after this trip I realized how easy it is to change the subject, or say a compliment instead of an insult! I dont know if this blog has made any sense, but my main point is to encourage everyone to try to repent from sin as much as possible. We are sinners, and we will sin no matter how we try, but God loves us so much that he will always forgive us and love us no matter what!! But as Christians we need to try to repent! Yes he will forgive us (because he’s awesome) but what’s the point if we just use him, because we know that he will love us no matter what? Don’t use God!!! Respect him, and let him lead you, follow his path!! Again i dont know if this made sense, but I hope it did! Just know that no matter what God will always be there for us, even when you think no one is, he always is 😉

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