Whatsoever you Do

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”

Colossians 3:23

  On Saturday during our off day we had the yummy privilege of heading to a restaurant called Stretta which was a delicious Italian restaurant with a Café vibe.  We dined on pasta and desserts and the girls were definitely stuffed by the end.  We also had the opportunity to meet and spend time learning the story of our waitress Portia and the work that she is doing in her village.

  We first got on the topic of ministry when she asked us what we were doing here and we told her we were living at Ingane Yami children’s village and working with the children there.  This reminded her that their coffee shop is actually a part of the 67 cent campaign which Kloof Harvest church has initiated to raise funds for Ingane Yami.  67 cents from each cup of coffee they sale goes directly to the children’s village.  So when we told her that we were involved there she was very excited to hear about our work and see pictures and videos of the children.

  Portia then launched into the ministry that she has started up in her village.  Portia has a heart for animals.  She has always been an animal lover, especially cats, and she was devastated by amount of stray animals running around her village.  She was saddened by how they were treated and the turmoil that these creatures of God were going through.  So, Portia seeing the need started a shelter for these abandoned and abused animals. 

  In the beginning, it was simply a ministry for the animals of the community.  Now however, it has branched into a ministry for the people of the village as well.  Especially the children.  Portia began giving dogs and cats to the children of the village to care for.  She taught them how to properly feed, water, and care for the animals to teach them responsibility and love.  “Many of the children here,” she said, “come from broken homes.  They may be abused or neglected.  If I give them an animal to care for, they learn what it is like to love someone and to care for them.  They learn what it means to care.”  She followed that with, “And there are no more stray animals in my village.”

  What a perfect example of taking what you know, what you love, and doing it as unto the Lord.  And boy has he blessed her ministry.



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