The Five Senses

I’ve never experienced jet lag before and let me tell you for those who haven’t….become close with those who you’re traveling with and understand that you WILL bark some type of attitude/sleep deprived sentence towards them at some point. Then, you’ll sit back and realize, “well shoot, that was mean…” 

As I sit here on the plane from London to Johannesburg, I’ve begun to realize that my body is incompatible without sleep – although – it’s functioning, in what way I have NO clue.

I figured I would tune into my senses for a couple minutes just to get my brain working…and to humor y’all for a few. 


SMELL: I smell stuffy plane air. It’s a real thing….sitting for 11 hours in the same air gets stuffy. 

TOUCH: I feel the plane shifting and wiggling in the turbulence from outside. I can feel my body aching for sleep – but – God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME and He will reward us with rest soon enough. I can also FEEL my heart growing very fond of each and every member of this team. They’ve brought me to a realization that there are people out there (from Oregon, Canada, Florida, Texas, Iowa and Louisiana) that can accept my craziness (y’all back home, I love you!!) 

SOUND: I hear the engine purring to the best of its ability – trying to get us to South Africa as soon as he/she can possibly can. Go plane…you’re doing great. 

TASTE: I can taste the juice that the lovely flight attendants gave me earlier. Thank you, I needed the sugar. 

SIGHT: I can see close to 200 passengers heading to South Africa – some to visit family and some to make a documentary film on a rare species of bird. This guy we met on the plane was pretty neat in his passion for film AND he was from the states – SWEET. I can also see my sweet team of 9 girls and 2 leaders (who are expecting a baby in November) resting their eyes for a short while. I can see my tired eyes as I stand in this small airplane bathroom thinking, alright, just 5 more hours. 


Point of the matter is that, God is GOOD and He has called all 11 of us down to a small village in South Africa for a reason. 


Day one was exhausting. We met Trisha (one of the directors of Ingane Yami, which is the orphanage we are working at) and Behki (pronounced “begie”). Since there are 11 of us, we needed to be split into two rooms. Grace, Erika, Molly and I are staying in Behki’s house with his family, who is absolutely amazing. He has a one year old baby, Grace, who is the happiest baby I’ve ever met. His wife, Zee, is wonderful as well and is so hospitable. His younger brother, Muzi, is staying with us as well and his love for the Lord is breathtaking. After meeting everyone, WE SLEPT. FOR HOURS. It was absolutely wonderful – I don’t think I’ve ever needed a nap more in my entire life. 


Day two was fantastic. We woke up around 8:30 am and went on a hike with the village kids, which there are about 12 of them. Lemme say that carrying close to 5 kids on my shoulders off and on is tiring. My shoulders ache BUT those sweet babies made it so worth it. They’ve all captured my heart already and I still have about 20 days to go. ALSO – South Africa had a monkey problem – cool, right? So we Pennsylvanians have raccoon and squirrel problems, well, at least we don’t have monkey problems. When we arrived Behki says “make sure you all close your windows or else you’ll have monkeys in your room.” Ummmm…..okay cool. Thanks dude. 


Day three: HOLIDAY CLUB – which is basically Vacation Bible school in the US. We had games, snack, worship and more worship. Not just piano and guitar music but RAPPING!! These kids in South Africa can DANCE and RAP!!! It’s craziness.  


I also got to witness Zulu dancing. Let’s just say if I attempt to do it, I will come back in a full body cast. It’s nuts but so entertaining to watch. 


I’ve rested in the simple fact that in order for myself to be changed and molded into the person God intended for me, was to simply be pulled out of my comfort zone. God has pulled me away from my routine – wake up, coffee, work, dinner, sleep – and most importantly, He has gently pulled me away from my loved ones back in PA. He has stretched my ability to be molded far bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. 


For that Lord, I am so thankful. Along with these sweet girls, we are all so very thankful for each other and for the opportunity to build a new foundation for ourselves.


I want to thank you all for your prayers because they’re WORKING. I can feel them working. 

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