We Made it to Peru!

It is officially 12:49am and we are sitting in Lima, Peru.  We are excited to finally be in Peru, but the team is very worn out with all of the traveling.  We left Gainsville this morning at 3:00am and we haven`t stopped traveling yet!  The Lord has blessed our team with safe travels and we have one more flight to go.  We should arrive in Iquitos around 6am.  Please pray for strength and that we may rest in the Lord. 
  God is already beginning a great work, he has taught our team about trust, patience, and His will.  This afternoon we received the knews that one of our dear team members Charis Riner will not be able to join us in Peru.  She came to training camp with out her passport (it was being processed) in faith that God would guide her steps.  He has been very faithful to Charis.  Her passport was lost only a few weeks ago and we had 4 days to process her a new one.  God opened every door to make sure that was done and our team prayed non-stop for it.  Her passport arrived this morning at 10:30 am.  Unfortunately, that was not in time for her to make our first flight.  We prayed still that the Lord`s Will would be done for Her and our team.  We also asked that he make his Will clear to us adn this afternoon he did.  She missed her first flight and was unable to get a second flight in time.  Charis is still in Gainsville with the AIM staff praying and waiting to hear from the Lord as to what his Will is for her at this point.  Even though it was a very emotional afternoon, because Charis is an amazing person and she blessed our team so much, we know that she was chosen to be in Gainsville with us for training camp.  Our team has learned so much from Charis´s ability to step out in faith and come to training camp and be a part of our team.  It is very clear that God is working in her life and has great plans for her.  Please pray that we will not let the enemy attack us by forgetting that it was God who decided to keep her back because he has Bigger plans for Charis that we did!  (Jeremiah 29:11)
  Charis, we will be praying for you and your ministry.  May the Lord use the wisdom he gave you to be a blessing to so many lives!  Continue to let your light shine and connect others to our Savior.  We love you.

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