VBS and Brennan’s 16th Birthday

Guatemala, 26 June 2009

Hey everyone, we hope this finds you just as filled with the love of God as we feel. Today was our first day of VBS at Antonio’s (Gary’s friend) church! We had so much fun today. Our skit of David and Goliath was a hit (sorry there are no pictures of the skit yet). All the kids really liked seeing Hannah Lanning on top of her brother’s, Peter, shoulders. We also played a lot of games…pato, pato, ganzo (duck, duck, goose) and soccer/basketball/football/whatever you want to call it. We got owned by seven year olds. Even though the language barrier was difficult, we got through to them and had a wonderful time which was orchestrated by God, we do believe.



We’ve had an amazing experience trying new food, walking up and down hills, learning how to barter in the local markets and almost getting our ATM cards eaten by the machines. Today was also Brennans’ Birthday!!! He is our shinning starJ



We played fun games tonight in celebration and eased Brennan’s need for a panadaria (Guatemalan bread is really really yummy)!  Over all it was a fun time but on behalf of the entire team; please pray for strength, because everyone is a bit tired from traveling and culture shock.

Guatemala is an absolutely beautiful place and we are being blessed by our surroundings, but the heaviness of the Mayan culture and demon worship is getting the best of us. So as a friend, we ask you to pray for us and help us fight our giants.  



Much love from Kacie, Amber, Heather, and the rest of Gua-te-mala team wooooo!  
sorry for lack of photos…not enough hours to upload them