Two Languages, One Love

It is hard to believe we have only been on the ground in Guatemala for three days! We had another full day today beginning with a soccer game at a local school. Our team ran into some students at the bus stop yesterday and they invited us to visit their school today for a USA vs. Guatemala match. 

Our team fought hard, but was defeated (a lot to a little). But despite this loss, we won many new friends, from little pre-schoolers just learning English to high school students anxious to practice their English with their new friends. 

After lunch the team went back into town for more ministry. Check out Josh’s story below! 

Hey fellow Ambassadors and support group.This is Josh Grabow and I just wanna say Antigua, Guatemala has been an amazing experience for me. Those experiences include the amazing food and very nice people. Gary, one of our leaders, challenged us all to reach out to those who need it. We split up into 3 groups, dividing them among the 3 leaders. In my group, we went to an 8 year old boy at the marketplace. He is a local shoeshiner. One thing that I was hoping to do was to share God’s love with someone with an underclass job. This little boy has a very underclass job. I mean, think about it; He gets to polish many people’s shoes all day. Anyway, I got to share God’s love with him. To do this I showed him a little illustration that showed him how much God loved him. The illustration had two cliffs. It explained, in Spanish, that we humans are on a cliff where we are far from God because of our sinful nature. The little boy was very interested in what I had to say to him and he listened to me with a great heart. After a long day of polishing peoples’ shoes, he still had time to truly listen to what I had to say. I think that in itself is pretty amazing. My group and I then got to present him food that we had purchased for him. I could tell that he really appreciated our service to him. I hope that one day he will show his friends the little booklet with the illustration in it, and he will really get closer to Jesus and accept him into his heart. One of my favorite ways to worship God, the One true God, is by acting with service and God’s love. Thanks guys for the support that you give me and the rest of God’s ambassadors.

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