Rica Chicas’ Check-ins

Team Rich Chicas has arrived safely at the YWAM base in Puerto Viejo, after a day of flying and a six hour bus ride we are all extremely excited and eager to see what’s in store! We are ready to serve and see how the Lord is going to move in these next three and a half weeks. Here is each girl’s experience written by her (disclaimer: the FYI’s are fun facts and we are all seriously thriving): 


So far, it has been great getting to know the team. The Lord has shown me many things through worship, the girls, the leaders, and my personal time. I am tired, but the Lord is faithful and I am so excited to see what He has in store for the rest of the trip. FYI: Apparently I have an accent. – Erin 


Up to now it’s been very awesome getting to know my team, leaders, and bonding with them. Being able to see what the lord has in-store for us is very exciting. I am tired and kinda overwhelmed but ready for what is to come. FYI: My right hand is swollen but I’m chillin. – Jay 


This trip has already been such a great experience from team building to awesome worship nights. God has already shown up in miraculous ways and I can’t wait to see how else God moves this month. FYI: I almost fell off a 12 foot wall but I survived. – Cristina 


Heyo!! This trip has been incredibly amazing and hard at the same time, but I’m doing fantastic. God has done some super cool things already and I’m pumped for what’s next. I miss home, but my team is like my family already!!! FYI: I am only addressed as bebé now. – Caitlyn


The trip has been extremely overwhelming and I am much more homesick than I thought I would be, but after spending 3 hours talking with God I am very excited to be here and eager to start serving. My team is absolutely amazing and each girl is so sweet, my team leaders are amazing and I love everyone so much already. FYI: my ankles are so swollen I can’t find my ankle bones. – Lynzie


The past five days have been amazing. I have been blessed with the kindest teammates and leaders, whom got to be apart of my long over due baptism on the last day of training camp. I have been in awe by the beauty of God’s creation ever since the trip began; from my first time flying on a plane to arriving at our base. Now, I am anticipating the great things God has planed for his kingdom and reflecting on the wonderful things he has already done.  FYI: I ate meat for the first time in three years and it was tasty. – Kara 


The girls have quickly bonded and chosen in to such vulnerability and humility with one another. Training camp was phenomenal – there was space for team building exercises, lots of training and discipleship, and some iron sharpening iron. The girls are loving one another so well already and are so eager to jump in wherever needed. As we’re sitting here now posting this, the girls are moving logs for our host during their free time. We are excited, humbled, and honored to get to steward a season of these girl’s lives for the next month. We personally are a little tired from travel, but in good spirits and ready for the month! – Julia and Kayla


Working together as a team at training camp!

P.S. We’re not the most technologically savvy, but we’ll upload more pictures once we figure this thing out!