Muddy Mess

Stories from Training Camp:

We woke up at 3am to rain coming down on us – we hurried to pull the rain tarps over each tent and then settled in for the down pour. Eight hours later it was still coming down and puddles were slowing forming inside our tents as a river of red georgia mud was forming outside of them.


We decided to high tail it to higher ground – it was a hilarious parade of fun as everyone, soaking wet, grabbed anything in sight and carried it off to dry ground.


We had not seen the end of the mud though…


Our recent team builder was an obstacle course through tires, over wooden beams, up rope walls, and into yes, a muddy red pit!


Covered in red clay head to toe, we conquered the team builder with unity, encouragement and teamwork!

From 10ht0630amb2.myadventures.org