Love In Unexpected Places

God’s love is a firm foundation. It’s something you can trust and know that will not crumble. It won’t leave when you you’re distant, it won’t judge, it won’t shake. It’s constant for your entire life. It’s vast enough to get lost in. Sometimes God proves His love in big, life changing ways. While in Puerto Rico, something I learned was that God will use anything to show you how much He loves you, even through the smallest of things. 
One afternoon some girls and I went on a walk along the beach. My goal was to find some sort of conch shell to take back home. I searched so hard among all the rocks and sand and still couldn’t find one and became discouraged, especially when some of the other girls had already found their own conch shells. While searching, a flat, black rock stood out to me- I don’t know why, it just DID. But I ignored it because it was a simple rock- nothing special to take back. The girls and I reached the end of the beach and turned around. I was still empty handed, but kept my eyes scanning the ground. Somehow, some way, my eyes found that same exact black rock as before. So I just picked it up… what the heck, why not! The moment I picked up that rock I saw a conch shell right in front of it. Score! But I instantly realized that this was God. He knew I wanted something as small as a silly conch shell, and gave me one. He showed me in that moment that not everything with Him has to be big and life-changing. God cares about every detail in our lives and will go any distance to show us that love He has for us. 
Another instance where God revealed His love in something small to me was my first morning in PR. Yellow flowers have always been extremely special to me for many reasons. I see them and feel like God’s right there with me. The first morning at Camp Caribe, I walked around to see the beauty of where I would be staying. I looked all around, then at the ground I was standing on. And scattered among the grass were tiny, yellow flowers. This act of love from God reminded me that He was there with me and His love hadn’t changed one bit. He was proud.

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