On the second day of our trip to Costa Rica, I was sitting outside during Jesus time, and these words spilled onto the page in front of me.


“Today is our second day in Costa Rica. I am sitting outside in the fiery heat, listening to the bustling sounds of San Jose, preparing to leave to minister in the slums of Costa Rica, and I have never felt more content. This place is home. These people I’ve met are my family. My feet are caked with the dirt of the ground, yet they dance. The voices of the children shouting words in a language that I seldom understand, wrap my heart in a comfort that I have never felt. The little fingers that grasp mine send a warmth through my veins called love. The hearts of these children who have been abused, broken, and left for nothing, are teaching ME how to love. Walking on these streets, I have to swim through the thick drenched air of the Holy Spirit.”


xoxo Emily Stoll

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