We are Attlanta bound!  Even though we have been traveling for 39 hours so far the girls are all in good spirits and holding up really well. we spent several hours waiting for our plane in kampala, and everyone was dreading the 7 hour layover in Cairo… but the Lord had a special suprise for us there! We were escorted on a guided tour of the guiza piramids and tthe greatt sphinx of egypt at virtually no cost. It was a blessing of blessings! we have been in frankfurt for about 10 hours with a few left to go. We have all been tryying to take advantage of this time tto cattch a few zzz`s. Some of my coffee lovers have had their first cup of coffee in a month and they are very happy! Please keep us in your prayers as we engage in the lastt leg of our journey ttogether… it has been an emotional return so far and the reality of our team being seperated by time and distances in the very near future is settling in pretty hard on some of us.

We cannot wait to see all of you who have been waiting so patiently to meet us at airports all accross the nation and globe!

sorry ffor all the type o`s, this keyboard is a bit funky:-)