I am content

I am content. Throughout this trip I’ve been through some hard experiences internally and externally. It’s been a journey and I’ve learned so much. These past few days have been a true blessing and I just wanted to share it. I really know what it’s like to wake up feeling content. I was praying so hard for peace and patience. It all came together on Thursday and Friday. I woke up and it took me awhile but I noticed how content I was. In the moment I couldn’t pin point the word, yes, I was happy and joyful but the word “content” really came to me. I realized this was where I was meant to be and I had nothing to fear. I had no sadness, homesickness, or anger. I felt at peace, truly at peace. Although I’ve had many struggles between Friday and today (Sunday) from homesickness to frustration, just thinking about those two days of complete contentment helps me remember how great He is and how much He loves us. It was a beautiful feeling to sit under a huge tree in Jamaica and to really feel content and loved. I can get stressed out and anxious very easily so these moments I had with the Lord were so beautiful. When we leave in four days I will alway remember these feelings. I will alway seek them and find rest with the Lord. He loves us all so much and wants us to feel content and peaceful everyday of our lives. It is a true blessing and I am so thankful.

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