God Confirmed

Yesterday morning, we went to a high school to have an assembly.  We left our base earlier than the usual 8:30, we were at the school by 7:45. We were told we had an hour; to share 3 testimonies, a few songs and we were asked to present the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The principal told us that many of the students have drug and alcohol addictions and if we had testimonies that related to that, we should share those.

Three girls shared parts of their testimonies; how God had brought them or family members out of drug and alcohol addictions, changed their desires and about the freedom that they have found in Jesus.  

Alysa boldly shared the gospel and asked everyone to close their eyes. She led a prayer and asked if people wanted us to pray with them to raise their hands.  3 students raised their hands and we prayed with them. Then Pastor Antonio asked those who had accepted Jesus to raise their hands and 35 students did.  Pastor Antonio pointed out one of the students who attends his church and told the students to see her to give their information if they wanted to join a bible study, receive a bible and begin a discipleship program at their school.

Here some of the team is praying with a student as she asked Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of her life.

We went back to our base, had some creative praise and worship with the Lord:

Some of the team was feeling frustration and was doubting the effectiveness of our ministry that morning.  Alysa and I encouraged the team that we are called to go into all the world and preach the gospel, we as a team did that.  We have to leave the rest to God.  We are tilling soil, planting seeds, watering seeds, weeding plants, etc when we share the gospel.  

This morning, Pastor Antonio came to the base to see Dr. Michael and when he saw Alysa and I, he nearly ran over to us!  He was so excitedly praising God and he told us that there were not 35 salvations at the high school but that more than 60 students had gone to the girl from his church, saying they had accepted Jesus and that they want to be apart of a bible study/discipleship program at the school!

What a joy it was, to call the group around to celebrate how the Spirit moved and how many people surrendered their lives to Jesus!  We as a group are going to be buying bibles for all of the students.

We’re so thankful that God confirmed what we knew to be true, that His word will not return void!  We will continue to boldly share the gospel and let the Spirit work in people’s hearts and minds.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We love reading your comments as you encourage us.

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