First 48 Hours in Guatemala (2 Week Trip 2012)

Hello eagerly awaiting parents and friends!

As you have already read below we arrived safely.  Below are just a few snapshots of how we have been spending our time.

From guatemala-hs.adventures.org
the view from the church- san pedro, san pablo, and lake atitlan

From guatemala-hs.adventures.org
the team (minus their fearless leaders of course)

From guatemala-hs.adventures.org
our first time inside the church- praying over the building and the people

From guatemala-hs.adventures.org
introducing the newest guatemalan radio stars [moments after singing acapella for a radio ministry]

Some other activities include- celebrating matt’s (one of the leaders) 25th birthday, the bumpiest 4 hour bus ride imaginable, cleaning every inch of the church and its grounds, playing soccer with local children, attending the miss san pedro padgent, watching a local parade, and using our limited spanish knowlege to talk to anyone who will listen.

We are having a great time and will post more soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Much love to you all.

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