As we began serving in Ecuador, I came to several realizations.

Sometimes we create expectations and get upset when they are not met.


From experience with missions, I created an expectation of serving people directly. My favorite type of ministry is working with children and building relationships with people.

Our first day of ministry, we were told we were going to work in the hospital. After hearing this, I immediately expected we would work with patients. Instead, they told us we would be working in a room sorting health files. While we were organizing, I was a little upset. I did not expect to come to Ecuador to sort files. I prayed God would show me my purpose for being there.

God reminded me that even though we couldn’t talk to patients and love on them directly, we were still doing work for Him.

Whether in a closed room or directly with people, I decided to glorify God in our work.

Danielle thought it would be a good idea to pray for some of the files. Every now and then, we would say a prayer for a patient and their health. As I changed my mindset, I noticed a difference in my attitude. I became more positive and ended up having a great time.

God reminds us in Matthew 6 that we should not worry or “expect” anything about tomorrow. He says in verse 34,

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


These past couple days, I learned not to worry about what we are doing, but to just do it to the glory of God.

 – Jacqueline Keener

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