Dios Sabe – Ecuadorian Faith

Faith, love, and head nods are universal. Yet, something I have observed in Ecuador is a bold, thirsty faith—not that this front forward trust isn’t in other places, but here the openness of the people magnifies their undeniable reliance upon God.

Here, people are willing to step out in faith to receive songs and prayers in a language they do not understand. 

In contrast, I am guilty of being comfortable in my faith. When Christianity is free and open—as in our great country—sitting in comfort can be very dangerous. With all the resources and churches we have, stagnant faith can develop. When you’re raised knowing about Jesus from a young age, your walk can feel comfortable because it is well-treaded ground. Faith in God is supposed to be challenging and stretching at times, because we need to be reliant on the Lord.

The Ecuadorian people are hungry and open. A small bamboo shack in the middle of nowhere is just as powerful as a 5,000-member church. God truly does meet us wherever we are. A phrase I added to my “poquito” Spanish vocabulary this trip was, Dios sabe. For some reason, this little phrase hit me in a way others didn’t. Meaning God knows, we would speak this over people we prayed for because English wasn’t their mother tongue.

It was powerful and clear that the Spirit is not only heard, but also felt.

This was evident in the tears of worried mothers and tired families, and in the smiles of the old men who knew the Jesus we were speaking of.

One major thing I learned on this trip is that you don’t need to understand the words to hear the Good News.

God is overwhelmingly bigger than any cultural or language barrier.

These many friends I have encountered in Ecuador embody the same kind of desperate, passionate, and rapidly moving faith we believers must mirror. I was truly inspired. Faith in the Father requires pushing to grow closer to the all-knowing God everyday.



-Carissa Taylor

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