Be the Chance

By Maren Warner – Guatemala 2 Week 2nd Launch

Be the chance. Yes, you read that correctly; be the chance. 
Being able to serve in Guatemala for two weeks was beyond amazing and truly eye-opening. 
But while it was those things it was also a lot of other things. Coming to Guatemala was taking a chance, and it’s one I’m glad I took. 
Sometimes taking big chances can be extremely scary, but what if by taking a chance yourself you end up giving other people a chance? A second chance, a first chance, a chance at hope, a chance to thrive, to love, to live again. What if by going to a new country with a whole bunch of people you’ve only just met means that you can give even one person some sort of chance? 
While we’ve been in Guatemala we have had all sorts of amazing, once in a lifetime opportunities. From becoming “famous” internationally by singing on the Guatemalan radio to sharing our testimonies, or listening to TWO 55 minute sermons in one day to playing endless games of duck duck goose with the school children. All of these were opportunities that I was able to take advantage of, but I took a chance by doing all of these things. 
What if I would have screwed up my testimony, or sang the wrong word on the radio, or worst of all what if I was picked during duck duck goose? These small risk factors were things however I’ve been willing to risk or chance this whole trip. Chancing something for the potential betterment of someone else is, to me, what mission work is all about. And when it comes to wanting to make a change and being willing to take that chance, self sacrifice is the most important part of that. 
By coming to Guatemala with a bunch of strangers ( that have now become lifelong friends) I took a big chance. But rather than expecting to “be the change” or wanting to fix everything in two short weeks, I decided that I was going to take my chance to be the change. 

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