An Amazing and Awesome God!

An unknown country, with unknown fears and wonders and yet, I am at peace.  Twenty-four unfamiliar faces and yet, I feel as close as family. Thousands of hearts and yet, in Christ we are one.  Costa Rica 2009, for so long I prepared myself, and now, here we are.  In the short 5 days we have been here, I have already seen God move in amazingways: through drama presentations, door to door outreach, community service, VBS and so much more.  Every morning I wake up in complete wonder of what God has done and what He is going to do that day and knowing that He has so much more up His sleeve comletely blows my mind!  We really do serve an awesome God and this generation, my generation, better hold on to their horses because God is going to take us on one crazy ride!  I love you all and can not wait to share face to face all that God has done!
In Him,
Hey everyone!
The past few days in Costa Rica have been amazing!  We have all grown so much so quickly.  A group of us went to Vanessa´s house, a women who is parilized from the waist down.  We prayed with her, gave her a Bible and shared our favorite verses with her.  It was astounding to see how someone who had gone through so much could be so strong in her faith.  She told us: without Jesus in my heart, I would not have made it through.  It is amazing to witness the awesome things God is doing!
Written by: Jen

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