We are sitting in a cafe today watching the rain come down.  It’s the first time it’s really rained since we’ve been here.

Everyone is have a great time and learning lots.
We have spent time visiting families, putting on a VBS, lots of time playing with neighborhood children and have much more to look forward to next week.

Emily says she has really enjoyed it here and says thanks very much for the lovely notes from her family that she found at just the right time

James says his favorite thing is meeting new people everyday and, of course, the food.

Victoria says what up ma!  and she is loving braiding the girls’ hair, riding a horse, sewing with the women and thinks the food is amazing.  She has also made a new best friend — el gato.  She seems to think it will be coming home in her suitcase.

Allie is enjoying practicing her Spanish and her soccer skills.  Her new best friend is a 5 year old named Noa.  I’m sure she will have many pictures of her when you see her next.

I wish you could see their smiling faces–but I couldn’t get the pictures to load!

Everyone is happy and healthy and can’t wait to tell you all about it in just one week!

Lots of love — Rica Chicas plus dos.