We are Going to Move Mountains

This blog was written by Argentina, a participant on the Guatemala – 2 week team, at the 2016 Ambassador Training Camp.


I can’t say I knew what to expect when I heard my trip started with two days spent in Atlanta, Georgia. I didn’t think I would so thoroughly enjoy falling asleep to the sound of cicada’s cricketing in the humid night air and I would not have guessed that pouring buckets over my head would be my new favorite way to shower. The most unanticipated surprise however, was how much these two days would change me. I knew that when God told me to go on this mission trip it would affect me and I would love every second of it, but if you told me even a week ago that I would break into tears as I felt the Holy Spirit move through me? I would have thought you were crazy.

There are no words to describe the love in this place. Seeing a group of over 100 teenagers singing at the top of their lungs for Jesus could honestly be one of the 7 Wonders of the World. As we sit through talks on identity, spiritual warfare and self-love, I feel God working through our leaders to tell us words we need so desperately to hear.

I’ve always known I was a Child of God, but I don’t know that I ever fully believed or understood it until this weekend. I am the Lord’s masterpiece and so is every fantastically unique individual I have met so far. The Lord has already done amazing things this weekend and He will continue to work to support us throughout our next couple of weeks in our separate countries.  

This generation is ready to move. With God on our side, we are going to move mountains.

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