Unity, the Lionhearted, & the Audible Voice of God

Lovely, fierce, bold, tender, & beautiful all in one are the lionhearted.

Okay, let’s look at my life situationally. I committed one month of my life to live in Swaziland, an African country 13,000 miles away, with thirteen people I have never met because I woke up one morning & heard God say, “Let’s get going.” You know, just missionary things.

The part I want to focus on is the thirteen strangers. For an introvert, that part of the commitment is the most overwhelming. But here’s the beautiful thing: it is very obvious to me that this team was brought together by God. I love the image of God sitting up in Heaven, writing our stories, &, when He saw us, he thought, “These fourteen- their paths need to cross.”

I am so in love with what God is doing on this team. He has crafted a team with lion-hearts, fiery eyes, and passionate voices. He has used each one of us to build the others up & love the others like the sisters we are. Each and every person on this team has been used to pour into the work for which God is using us, & it is genuinely beautiful.

I feel the need to specify that we are a team- not a group. The words are not interchangeable. A group is a number of people with a common characteristic. A team is a group of people working towards one goal. To be a team is to take part. To be one. To stand together. To work alongside each other. To support. To love. This is a team working for the creator of the universe, & it is beautiful to witness & be a part of.

God is active all the time. On the mission field, though, there is very little in terms of distraction from His voice & movements. We use some of our nights to do listening prayer which is a reverse prayer in a way. We open our minds and see what the Holy Spirit wants us to know. Some of my favorite moments have been when we have shared listening prayers we heard for others on the team. The message you heard, though seemingly random to you, resonates deeply in the hearts of the team member whose message it is. Every time, I think about how blessed I am to be able to hear from the same God who created every mind on Earth.

God’s doing the type of work that Swaziland needs. For this month, He needs the fourteen of us to disciple Swazi children. He’s speaking truth and changing lives that the world needs. He’s shaping radical humans, & I’m so thankful He asked me to take part. What’s next? We can’t say but what I can for sure say is if I were to summarize what I experienced during my time in Africa it would be: Unity, the Lionhearted, & the Audible Voice of God.

Written by: Molly 7/24/2016

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