Time in Tent City

Today, we went to a feeding in a place called Tent City.

It got the name because most of the houses are made out of tents. The people who live there are so kind and selfless. They smile from their hearts despite the circumstances that they are in. 

From philippines.myadventures.org 

The kids, with their tattered clothes and too big flip flops lined up with their cups and bowls to be fed. After they had all eaten, some of the people we came with pulled out balloons and started making animals. The kids immediately piled all around with their hands grabbing here and there. 

I went up to a teeny tiny girl and her older sister. The two of them were hanging around on the outside of the crowd of kids and balloons. At first, these two were shy but when the older one let out a giggle and smile, the walls came down.

From philippines.myadventures.org

With sweat and love, I held them. For Jesus, I gave them my time and my time was well spent. When it came time to leave, the younger girl wouldn’t let go, but eventually she did. 

Feeding these people is more than giving them food. It’s about giving time, love, commitment, all in the name of Jesus.

Each day holds moments like these.

Each day I get to live and love the people God has called me to.

Each one of them are precious to me and to God. 

Tomorrow, I will see them and laugh with them and dance with them. I cannot wait to go lay down and wake the next day. 

Signing off, Brenan

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