Lessons Through The Lens

Hello! This is Emily D. typing. I want to tell you a short story of how I gave my prized possession to an excited little boy. So, my team spent some time at a soccer field that we were going to play on but ended up just watching the other team and eventually going to play in the dirt. While we were watching the game, I pulled out my beautiful camera and started taking some pictures. I saved every penny and bought this precious piece of electronic before I left for my trip. It is amazing. It is like a child to me. Then, out of the blue, two boys around the age of ten galloped up the cement stairs and plopped down on each side of me.

I was overjoyed when they asked for me to take their picture, melted when you they flashed those dashing smiles, and then torn when they asked if they could take a picture of me. These DIRTY, HYPER, and RECKLESS boys wanted MY camera. Don’t get me wrong, I am pumped to come play with them, to eat their food, and to see their culture. I want to be part of their lives. But THEM coming into MY life? That is totally different! Right? Bottom line, I had somewhat of a revelation. I had been obsessing over the missionary life for so long, but somewhere along the way I seemed to forget that in order to show God’s love you have to share your life with his people. Jesus became a part of others lives but he never forgot to let them be apart of his. Very reluctantly, I wrapped my camera strap around his tiny neck ( I was careful, mom ) and allowed him to snap a few shots. Turns out, those pictures are my favorite. They are spontaneous and silly and OURS. I welcomed those kids into my life and shared a joy-filled moment with them. I am learning so much about what God’s love looks like and how to show that love to others. Moral of the day: a christlike love is always humble and never self-centered.

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