Last Ministry Day

Hello Family, Friends, and Supporters

First I want to apologize for the lack of pictures.  Every time I update the blog, i am using Pastor Marcos’ computer.  Between the Spanish language websites and the slower internet connection, it’s nearly impossible to upload photos.  I set out to upload a few on this update, but after about 15 minutes of waiting for the first one and it failing… I decided to paint a word picture instead.

Today is our last full ministry day at El Eden.  The team is helping with a VBS program right now, and we’ll be a part of the ceremony for the parents tonight.  Yesterday after the VBS, the team went to a very westernized mall.  Most enjoyed some kind of treat that reminded them of the US … Cinnabon, Ice cream, or McDonald’s seemed to be the favorites.  Then we toured a bit of downtown San Jose yesterday evening. 

Sunday was a great day of ministry and fellowship.  Our team was responsible for the morning service and a few shared their testimonies.  Pastor Marcos invited the team over to his house for dinner and we had pizza!

In the coming days, our team will begin in-country debrief.  Just as the students experience a bit of culture shock coming to Costa Rica, they will probably experience a bit of culture shock going back to the U.S.  So we take a day or so to prepare the team for coming back to the states and to give them some rest from ministry.  Tomorrow morning we’ll be going on a volcano and waterfall tour.  And then the rest of the day we’ll have for the students to get ready to come back. 

On Thursday night, we’ll be participating in our final church service at El Eden.  Then on Friday we’ll be flying back to the states. 

As far as the photos go, the students have been taking a lot… so you’ll definitely see some of what I’ve been trying to write about… and you’ll have their stories to go along with it!

thanks again!

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