I Will Not Underestimate My Enemy Again

Spiritual warfare isn’t really something I had ever taken seriously. Yes, I believed that the devil is real and that he has demons and that they cause trouble for Christians, but I always underestimated my enemy.


The truth of his power finally became real to me in the months before this mission trip. I had a court case, an oral surgery, broken toe, an emotionally stressful situation, and arguments with some of my best friends, all two months before leaving for Nicaragua. So much piled up in such little time and I was left astounded.



How could so much go so wrong when I was trying to go out and do what I believed God was calling me to do?



I was told lies that I started believe, because I didn’t see the truth behind my troubles.



My mom finally spoke truth into my situation and I started to see the role that Satan played in my preparation for this trip.  


Anxiety and fear that I had never felt before were suddenly my companion the week before I left.


And even now, as we (my team and I) try to follow God’s lead and minister to the people of Nicaragua we are still in the midst of spiritual warfare. Saturday night was and still is confusing to me. I don’t understand everything that happened.


But what I do know is that God came through and was good, even when I doubted Him. The devil had come to put doubt and fear in all of our hearts, and with God’s power, we overcame and were victorious, just as He promises.


God was so good that one of my teammates got saved!


I will not underestimate my enemy again, but I will never be scared of him because I serve and belong to the Father who is greater, bigger, stronger, and overall infinitely better than the prince of lies.

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