Ethiopia Updates From the Field

When we got to Ethiopia our ministry paired us with kids similar in age to us. I got paired with a thirteen year old named Abigail and she has changed my life in the three short days I have known her. She has not only taught me about Ethiopian culture, but also has been able to show me things about Jesus that I was blind to before. In Matthew God told us not to worry about whether we have food to eat or clothes to wear, which is a verse I never paid much attention to because it never applied to my life. Abigail and I were looking in my bible and she pointed to this chapter in Matthew and said it was her favorite verse. This opened my eyes to the struggle much of the world faces and also to the wisdom this girl has. She always says “don’t worry” and has been the realest example of trusting God I have ever seen. It rains a lot in Ethiopia and when in rains the taxis don’t come. Today it started sprinkling right before the girls were supposed to go home. I nervously asked Abigail how she was going to get home and she pointed to the sky and said, “he will give me a taxi.” A few seconds later, the rain stopped. Her complete faith and lack of fear has made me more comfortable fully submitting everything I have to Christ. Everyone should be a little more like Abigail.

-Mackenzie Anderson


In our few days in Ethiopia so far, I have seen so much love. This week we have been ministering to teenage girls. The first day, I was paired Cadist. At first, she was very shy to answer questions or grab my hand as we walked. Little did I know that four days later she would be joking around with me, writing down worship songs with me, holding my hand and telling me that she loved me. I have never met anyone like her. She has put in so much effort in speaking English and teaching me her language, it is almost like a wall was broken down between us. She has written me multiple notes about how much she loves me and how Jesus does too. My heart breaks at the thought of leaving her. I will keep her love for others in mind as I continue ministering to the people here. I love you forever my sweet Cadist.

-Ellie Nichols


So, I’ve had fun, the people are really beautiful, the food is either super spicy or super bland, the coffee is REALLY black and REALLY strong but really good. I love the culture but if I am totally honest, I have not been here long enough.

I need more time here, and thankfully, I get to spend two more weeks here and learn more about the country. It’s a beautiful country and I love it here but, I truly I need more time to write an honest and true blog about this place, the culture, the people and my team.

I’m having a wonderful time and I can’t wait to share more when the time is right.

– Skyler Vanderwier


This mission trip experience is so much different than I thought it would be, but I am so grateful for every single piece of it. I have been having an amazing time and I am seeing life and relationships with God in an entirely new light. Before this trip, I had never been in a worship setting like the one at training camp, I had never had somebody sit down with me and pray directly for me with me. I have known about God and stories in the Bible all my life. I have prayed, been to church, taught kids about Jesus, and much more before this trip. One thing I think I have lacked is a personal relationship with God. I think this trip really opened my eyes up to what it can be like to just sit and talk with God, or sit and open my Bible to random spot and just read any passage, nothing specific, just God’s word. I have loved being able to work with the teenage girls from “Blessing the Children” and school children to see what their relationships with God are like. Singing, dancing, talking, playing games, and loving the Lord with my team and our new Ethiopian friends has been the best experience in my entire life. I am so amazed how far I have come on this trip, and I cannot wait to see where the next few weeks take everybody. These kind hearted, loving people have truly changed my life. I am so thankful that God has been able to work through me and all of my teammates in order to touch the hearts of the Ethiopian people.

– Amy Eberth


When I first arrived at Training camp last week I was very anxious about what was to come. My heart was overwhelmed with fears of loneliness and uncertainty. Little did I know what was waiting for me 16 hours away via plane!

Once we arrived in Ethiopia, on Tuesday, all of my anxieties melted away. The air tasted sweet and the colors shone radiantly. Every dream of adventure and talk of freedom led up to this moment. We drove through Addis Ababa and I was awe-stricken by the colorful marketplace, the wandering cattle, and the joy the Ethiopians so clearly carry in their hearts.

As the days went by I observed the incredible selflessness of the people of Ethiopia. Without hesitation they welcomed me into their world. They truly are a people of great joy and kindness with songs of worship on their lips.

At one point within our first week in country we were able to interact with Ethiopian teenage girls. I was paired with the SWEETEST fifteen-year-old girl named Mihiert. Immediately she welcomed me into her life with overflowing love. Quickly she grabbed my hand and guided me through the school teaching me many Amharic phrases. Never has another so immediately accepted me. Throughout the week Mihiert and I grew closer! She is the kindest person I have ever met; always offering to carry my bag or wash my feet, but also she is so playful and humorous. Whenever we have to leave each other we fake cry and blow a million kisses. Undoubtedly, being Mihiert’s friend warms my heart!

It amazes me that even though we are from entirely different cultures, we are able to able to have so much fun together and we have so much in common. Mihiert has a heart of gold and was willing to accept me and love me after only a few minutes!

All in all, I adore Ethiopia and am extremely grateful that God has given me an opportunity to love the people of Ethiopia and to experience their Christ-like hospitality.

-Rachel Diemer <3

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