Day 1 in Nepal!

Hello from Kathmandu!

We have just finished up our first full day here in Nepal, and it’s been great!  All of us had plenty of time to catch up on sleep and adjust to all the newness that Nepal brings.

Earlier today we had the opportunity to try some authentic Nepalese cuisine at a local restaurant and ordered four big platters of Momo.  If you’re not familiar with Momos, then read over this webpage to find out more: http://tasteofnepal.blogspot.com/2013/07/momos-or-dumplings.html.

We also got to sit down with our ministry host, Brian, as well as Sumir, Lazarus, and Dilip who are connected to Agape International, as well.  We discussed some of what this first week will look like for us and also got to hear Brian’s heart behind the ministry, and how it all got started when he and his (then) newly-wed wife traveled to Nepal for their honeymoon and never returned after hearing from the Lord to stay and begin the ministry.

After lunch we got to visit a local monkey temple that people go to daily to pray and offer burnt incense sacrifices to various gods.  It was a great way to immerse ourselves spiritually and to see how Hinduism shapes much of the culture here in Nepal.  As we viewed the temple, we prayed that the Lord would redirect the people’s attention away from the false idols that they worship, and begin to see Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life.

Additionally, we got a taste of what the public transportation is like here in Kathmandu.

Overall, we’ve had a great time so far, and the team is doing very well.  Day 1 = check!  Now, time for rest, as tomorrow we get to do some trekking just outside the city to pray over Kathmandu, and over all that the Lord is doing in our midst.  Also, tomorrow (Friday) night three guys from the team will get the chance to share either their testimony or a message to a small group of local church members at Brian’s house.

There are certainly lots of things to look forward to as we step more and more into what the Lord has for us!

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