Being a Quiet Leader

There are two different types of leaders, those who are bold and in your face and those who are behind the scenes observing and stepping in at the right time.

I am more of the behind the scenes leader.

Coming into this trip I was nervous about leading that I would not be good at it but the team has been encouraging and I am glad that I decided to be a leader of this group. The teens call me the calm one in the group of leaders. I’ll take that as a compliment. I hope that I have been a steady beat for the team and there to help calm all the stressful situations and to always have a positive outlook about everything.

I have really enjoyed watching the teens step up in one way or another especially the quiet ones that you wouldn’t expect. Like Ashley, who has stepped up numerous times throughout the trip and taken charge of organizing different programs. Meggie is another example seeing her play the keyboard at one of the services and being a part of the music at all the VBS events. Liz, watching her face light up when she is interacting with the kids. She comes alive and you can see the joy on her face. Krysta has been a life saver for us many times throughout the trip. She has been our main translator of the group and she amazes me at how good she is at it! She is completely in her element here!

We have such a great team and I love each of them so much! It has been so amazing to watch them grow throughout this trip and see them minister to others. There really hasn’t been any drama within the group at all which is saying something for a group of teens. They all get along so well and support each other in everything. I will miss them all terribly when this trip is over! Guatemala is such a beautiful county! I love the culture here and the people are so nice and welcoming. There is such a sense of peace here. I will be sad to leave this place. I have loved working with Antonio and being able to visit so many areas. I hope that our team has left on mark on each place and they will remember us forever. It is all for the glory of the Lord, to spread his name across this city and I know that we have done that in many ways.

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