Barefoot in the Jungle.

If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be walking barefoot in the jungle in Costa Rica, through the kind of thick mud that pulls your shoes off, carrying the literal fruit of our labor (we plucked cacao fruit with our own hands), I would have probably laughed at the idea.

Yet, here I am doing just that, sitting here as it softly rains with my new family that I never imagined I would have– even after only knowing each other for a short time. Everyday I am reminded of just how amazing God truly is while experiencing his beautiful world. I feel blessed to be working as his hands and feet. 

We’ve been in Puerto Viejo for only a short time, but we’ve had some amazing adventures already. God has done some beautiful, wonderful and amazing things. I’m praising him everyday because he put me here as part of the story that’s being written. 

As each day passes, I can’t help but smile and praise our wonderful God, because I see him working in our lives, in the lives of others, and I am overwhelmed and in awe of his power, love and grace as I continue to dance barefoot in the jungle. 


Love, Morgan. 

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