Activation Day 1

Activation is when we start the day asking God how he wants us to serve, and then we go out and do it.

In our group there was the two of us plus Pricila and Kelly. During our prayer, God showed me, Michal, big yellow flowers. And with that, we set out on our quest to do God’s will in San Luis. After much wandering and corner turning, we found yellow flowers. They were right outside the door of  complex of houses. We immediately went up to the houses and talked to one of the women working outside. Her name was Amanda. When we asked her if she needed prayer over anything specific, she told us that her sister-in-law, Daniella, had been sick for awhile. Amanda brought us to Daniella, and we found out that she had had pain in her lower back for the last two weeks. On a scale of 1 – 10, she told us that her pain was an 8.  It had stopped her from cleaning around the house, working, and going to church. We prayed for her twice, and, after the second time, she started crying and saying that her pain was gone.To be totally honest, we both thought that she was just saying it so the weird gringos would leave her alone. But once we saw the tears of joy and thankfulness, we knew God had healed her.

Throughout the day, we were privileged to see God work miracles and spread His word through us.


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