A Spoken Word

Jesus, The name of a king.
The name of a man who came down from heaven to save his children
Who were lost and broken
For they lived in a world of darkness 
But soon the darkness would be outspoken
Because through the name of Jesus light conquers everything. 
Jesus, A man of power, who descended from Heaven, he became human to save us. He certainly is no coward.
My Jesus would walk 40 days through a desert and be tempted.
No he wasn’t offended, 
But what Satan tried to throw at him, he simply spoke words of truth and pushed through.
To sum it up Jesus simply just said “My name is Jesus and I am predestined to do great things, 
And I am not ashamed
So take your Words and put them away,
No Satan not today,
The Lord wins”
Jesus was the Man when a Samaritan woman asked for water and was thirsty and Jesus said, “I can fulfill your thirst, if you’re feeling empty, I offer plenty.” 
Jesus was the Man who brought hope and brought healing with just a few sentences.
No medicine needed. 
Through life you walk through Storms
And you may feel like that story of the disciples in their boat,
Where you believe if you step on water by yourself you will gain control…
But watch as Jesus walks to you, and steps into your storm,
That’s when the storm ceases. 
No, not another thesis,
I’ve heard what others have said.
I’ve heard what others have believed to be my Jesus but it just isn’t so…
Jesus is no man to leave the sick, broken, worthless, empty and sinners behind. 
Since the beginning of time, Adam and Eve in the garden, Eve slipped and took the bite of a fruit.
Now we see what this world has truly been designed for…
You may see it as a broken world… an impossible world… but someone recently told me in the word impossible, it says, “I’M POSSIBLE”. 
Remember Jesus, the guy I’ve been talking about?
I believe with no doubt that he didn’t just put up a fight with impossible, but he defeated it.
He finished it. 
Don’t believe me?
Open his book he has left for you,
Filled with words not colored in blue but red, so they will stand out to you.
These words will never fade even if this world does. 
Jesus… A friend, someone you can walk to from beginning to end,
Whether on this trip your faith just began or now you’re taking a stand because you know you’re not alone.
Jesus has felt pain, He died so he could take it away.
So don’t cry, don’t be in vain,
Because see it this way,
The Lamb has been slain. 
There is so much to this man Jesus…
My friend… my Savior… Someone I live for…
Who is Jesus…
He is someone who sees the sick, and says their disease can be fixed,
He is someone who is light, so no more tears, He has overcome fear!
He is someone who says, “Oh come child, come here, lay it all down at my feet, Because through my name Darkness has to flee!”
Jesus is powerful!
His love towers any other love.
Isn’t it such a gift that we can experience it on this trip?
Do you know him?
Jesus is truth, He knows everything about you.
From every hair on your head, to when you rise and get out of bed.
Look around you,
Don’t listen to what this world says,
For I know my Lord isn’t dead,
Instead he is living and moving, because of his children, his works become visible.
His people become healed, eyes opened, hearts freed and introduced to the greatest act of love they have ever seen,
And that was displayed through you.
You did that, you touched someone not just from across a room, but from around the world.
And if you’re wondering… no he isn’t through.
Jesus is living and breathing in you.
Rejoice! Be Glad!
For this is specially written just for you, no matter what you’re feeling, or what you’re going through.
Listen to me… Jesus loves you, he has chosen you and he wants to know you.
Jesus is safety, and in this world we are surrounded with lies and darkness and evil. Seems sometimes we cry out to the Lord, he doesn’t answer and it seems like he must be in disguise.
If you can’t hear him, have faith in him.
He is working.
He is gathering a plan and leading you to do amazing things!!
Trust in the Lord for he has a plan, and a purpose for you.
Don’t be afraid of the waters that the Lord introduces to you, embrace them, seek the Lord, and when it gets rough,
Know that Jesus is walking towards you reaching his hand out for you.
What more words I could type… Jesus is someone I can not merely describe but display as I live my life. 
Jesus has great plans for you.
Plans for you to change this world,
He wont leave your side, No matter how high the tide.
From every mountain side or valley, He is with me.
So go and be disciples and be his hands and feet,
Blessed is the who serves He. T
he Lord sees that and honors that!
May he bless you and set you free from anything!
This world has already been overcome, so who are you running from?
Again I say the Lord is with you!!!
Brothers and sisters look at what these two weeks have brought you.
What you have done, go and tell the nations, and Seek the Lord with all your hearts, None of you are alone.
You are forgiven from your sin, I believe in you.
You can do this.
God is with you! 
Watch what the Lord has for you,
Allow him to speak you, just listen, listen for his light tune, so soft and so sweet.
He loves you, and he is for you.
I’m proud of each and everyone of you.
I know he is too.
Be excited because this is only the beginning!!
This is Jesus!!!
This is now!!
This is a new beginning!!
A new start!!!
A new chapter!!
You are a daughter and son of Christ!!
“For I can do all of this through Christ who gives me strength”- Philippians 4:13.
God wants to show you unimaginable things, and bring you through things that you thought where impossible and that you have never seen.
He wants to break your chains!
So bring everything you have brother and sisters, and watch what the Lord will do with it. You will change the world. 

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