Two Weeks Down!


Got some good news for all you awesome families and supporters of Team Kenya!

Just spoke with the team leaders (Jessica, Jeremy and Ashley) after a great day of ministry at the school! 

After almost two weeks of great ministry and making incredible relationships with the locals they have been serving and working along side, the team will be heading to Nakuru, Kenya, their final location for the last two weeks of the trip.

The team is super excited about reaching out to even more people, and continuing to be His hands and feet in Kenya.

The plus to this new location; the team will have internet within the city that they will be living! Now, no internet can be guaranteed – but team leaders are going to do their absolute best to get a blog up from the field – with pictures (so you can see all their faces!) within the next two days! 

If for some reason they are not able to get internet, we will post a blog on their behalf letting you know they have arrived and when they might have some internet connection. So hang tight — more updates are on their way soon!

Thank you again for all your prayers over this awesome team! They are full of LIFE and JOY it is eternally impacting the places these students go!

Elizabeth Hanisch
Ambassador Field Support

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