Hello from Kenny again¿¿  (you{ll have to forgive me on the symbols  haha )

It{s 11 am on Friday and it{s been really neat to see what God is doing here in Costa Rica.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent mostly in preparation for ministries that would be happening the rest of the week.  Our team joined with the youth group at El Eden to walk in the the surrouding community to pass out flyers and meet people. 

Thursday was a BIG day of ministry for our team.  We partnered with the youth group from El Eden to do children{s and youth ministry at a nearby community center.  In the morning, there was a program with around 100 neighborhood children, complete with singing and dancing and dramas.  And in the afternoon, several from our team played worship songs, shared their testimony, and preached a message. 

Last night, Pastor Marcos invited our team to lead their weekly Thursday night church service.  Many members from our team were involved in sharing testimonies, playing and singing with the band in bilingual worship, and preaching.  It{s been amazing to see the heart of the people here in this chuch for missions.  As we{ve been here, we discovered that they often send out groups and families to other areas of Costa Rica for missions work!  It{s exciting to be a part of what God is already doing here!

Today the Pastor is taking our team to a nearby plantation or farm sort of thing.  There is apparently no english word for the translation.  But we have been taking this morning to recharge with quiet times and teaching times just for the team.  Tonight is a big family event at another local community center! 

The hosts have been incredible, and have really blessed the team in the way that they serve.  They insist on preparing all three meals per day for us.. And it{s been fun to see the team eat rice and beans for breakfast!  along with some fresh mangos and papaya. 

We are now setting up a communication day for the students.  We haven{t been able to set any
 particular time in stone, but it looks like Monday will be the day that students will be able to either get online or call home.  Just wanted to let you all know so you could have a heads up!

God bless you